Zolo Sports Manufacturer & Exporter


Zolo Sports is one of the leading Football Manufacturer company based in Pakistan. The most rising name in the manufacturing factories of Pakistan and also known as Globally since 2010. If your are looking for an manufacturer or supplier of Soccer Ball, Goalkeeper Gloves, Sportswear or any relating item of Apparel, Men’s wear, Winter wear, Sportswear, don’t need to go any where. You are at right place. You can get exactly what you require from here.

Specification: Soccer Ball

Material: 100 % PU
Quality: Match
Lamination: 90″ Crossed lamination PC + PV for best control with pure Latex
Bladder: Latex bladder with butyl valve
Size: 3, 4, 5
Tech: Hand stitched with special double knots each end
Thread: Waxed 5 ply twister
Ink: Butyl proof

Specification: Rugby Ball

Material: Rubber
Quality: Training
Bladder: Latex bladder 
Size: 5
Tech: Hand Sewn
Thread: 5 Ply Twisted


Specification: Volleyball

Material: PU
Quality:  Premium micro fabric
Bladder:  liner internal long lifetime 
Machine stitched


Specification: Basketball

Material: Rubber

Quality Basketball Ball

Official Size 7

Sports Match Training Men Women Basketball